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LEARNING PROGRESSIONS: The Learning Targets of Daily Instruction


A NEW Teacher Clarity Virtual Workshop by Larry Ainsworth:

“LEARNING PROGRESSIONS: The Learning Targets of Daily Instruction”

Bring CLARITY to your learning targets and instructional planning! Professor John Hattie’s extensive research revealed this vital statistic: Teacher clarity of learning intentions (what students are to know and be able to do) posts a 0.75 effect size which is equivalent to nearly two years of student growth in one year. (Source: Visible Learning (2009) and Visible Learning for Teachers (2012)


Learning Progressions are the “building blocks” of daily instruction. They specify the prerequisite concepts and skills students need to know and be able to do in order to master the standards.

Teachers sequence the Learning Progressions, from simple to complex. These become the Learning Targets for daily instruction.

Success Criteria are the specific descriptors of how students will achieve the Learning Targets.

Teachers informally assess student understanding with Quick Progress Checks and use the results as feedback to adjust their instruction and better meet student learning needs.


During this interactive virtual workshop for all PK-12 educators and leaders, Larry will show you how to:

  • “Unwrap” a Priority Standard by deconstructing one or more of your state’s academic standards to clearly identify the concepts (what students need to know) and the skills (what students need to be able to do);
  • Write a clear, student-friendly Learning Target based on the “unwrapped” concepts and skills—without losing the rigor.
  • Break the student-friendly learning target into a set of Learning Progressions—the “building blocks” of daily instruction;
  • Sequence the identified Learning Progressions, from simple to complex, to scaffold daily instruction toward the rigor of the Priority Standard;
  • Create the Success Criteria matched to the Learning Progressions.
  • Plan Quick Progress Checks matched to the Learning Progressions and Success Criteria to gain evidence of student learning; and
  • Use the results of these quick checks to adjust next-day instruction and close student learning gaps.


  • An “unwrapped” standard of your choice written as a student-friendly Learning Target;
  • A related set of sequenced Learning Progressions to guide daily instruction;
  • Success Criteria and Quick Progress Checks matched to your Learning Progressions;
  • A handout with illustrative examples in different grades and/or content areas; and
  • An electronic version of the workshop template for use in your own school setting.

For more information about bringing the “LEARNING PROGRESSIONS: The Learning Targets of Daily Instruction” workshop to your school or district, please contact Larry by emailing him at larry@larryainsworth.com. He will be happy to schedule a call to provide further information and answer any questions you may have.