A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Gain Clarity of What Students Need to Know and Be Able to Do:

Thousands of K-12 educators all over the United States and Canada have applied this relatively simple process to their state and provincial standards, respectively. The reason the “unwrapping” process is used so widely is that it works! It is a practical and highly effective way to determine—in advance of curriculum, instruction, and assessment planning—exactly what the wording of the standards requires students to know and be able to do. Educators love “unwrapping” because it provides a simple way to make sense of the standards—it makes the standards manageable!

“After Larry conducted an all-day ‘Unwrapping’ the Standards workshop for our New York City administrators and staff developers, the sentiments were genuine. Participants said, ‘Now the standards make sense…we know what we have to do when we return to our schools.’ We wished we could have had him for a longer period of time!”

Sandra Herndon, New York State Education Department

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Unwrap Your Standards

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