A Simple 6-Step Process to Clarify Student Learning Targets and Performance Expectations

Professor John Hattie’s global education research has shown that when teachers are clear about what their students need to learn, the resulting effect size equates to 0.75—nearly two years of student learning in one school year.

Regarding the importance of clarity, Professor Hattie has written: “Learning intentions describe what it is that we want students to learn, and their clarity is at the heart of formative assessment. Unless teachers are clear about what they want students to learn (and what the outcome of this learning looks like) they are hardly likely to develop good assessment of that learning” (Visible Learning for Teachers, 2012, p. 47).

The “Teacher Clarity: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria workshop” enables PK-12 teachers in all content areas to experience how they can:

  • Translate their standards into student-friendly learning targets
  • State why a learning target is important
  • Write the success criteria to communicate clear performance expectations to students
  • Break the standards and learning targets into learning progressions—the “building blocks” of daily instruction

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Teacher Clarity: Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

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