“LEARNING PROGRESSIONS: The Learning Targets of Daily Instruction”

Bring CLARITY to your learning targets and instructional planning! Professor John Hattie’s extensive research revealed this vital statistic: Teacher clarity of learning intentions (what students are to know and be able to do) posts a 0.75 effect size which is equivalent to nearly two years of student growth in one year. (Source: Visible Learning (2009) and Visible Learning for Teachers (2012).

Learning Progressions are the “building blocks” of daily instruction.  They specify the prerequisite concepts and skills students need to know and be able to do in order to master the standards.  Teachers sequence the Learning Progressions, from simple to complex, for daily instruction and then informally assess student understanding of them with Quick Progress Checks. They use the results as feedback to adjust their instruction in order to better meet student learning needs.

In this new workshop, second one in the Teacher Clarity Workshop Series, you will experience how to break down a standard into specific learning targets for daily instruction and present them to your learners in student-friendly language!

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